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How to check listener is up or not?

Yes sometimes we need to check Listener process is up or not. There is no operating system command available in Windows like "ps -ef" command like Linux and Unix. But still we can examine this using Oracle command line utility called Listener Control Utility. 

We can get exact idea of name of Listener from services.msc in Windows. If you have default Listener name called "Listener" then we can check status from following command

lsnrctl status

If Listener name is different then we can check using Listener name. Example our Listener name is "Listener1" then use following command for checking....

lsnrctl listener1 status
There are so many reasons if found Listener process down. For investigating issue kindly raise support request to our support center our support DBA will take care of issue for resolving issue quickly.

 Last updated Mon, Oct 19 2015 9:36am

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