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Download free Oracle technical notes, tips, hints. This section is very useful to all type of Oracle DBA like Fresher, Intermediate and expert remote dba. Improve your knowledge and share your knowledge. This section is very useful in daily database administration task and database services.

This articles are very useful to gain more knowledge and useful in daily tasks of remote dba services and remote dba support. If you are part of expert remote dba then you need to study deeply in your subject because you are responisible to manage number of databases of various clients.

Download Resource of Technical Notes:

1Virtual IndexOracle 9iExperienceTuning Link
2Oracle DBA interview questions-1OracleALLDBA Link
3Redo Log In DepthOracleExperienceTuning Link
4Oracle DBA interview questions-2OracleALLDBA Link
5Oracle 11g Database: 2 Days DBA CoursewareOracle 11gALLDBA Link
6Oracle 10g for Solaris x86 Installation GuideOracle 10gALLDBA Link
7Installing Oracle Database 11g on LinuxOracle 11gALLDBA Link
8Installation Guide-Oracle 10g R2 On RHEL 4Oracle 10gALLDBA Link
9Manually create oracle 9i database in RHEL 2.1Oracle 9iALLDBA Link
10Perfomance and Tuning of Oracle RAC databasesOracleExperienceDBA Link
11Oracle 11g Hidden ParametersOracle 11gExperienceDBA Link
12Oracle 10g Hidden ParametersOracle 10gExperienceDBA Link
13Oracle 9i Hidden ParametersOracle 9iExperienceDBA Link
14Oracle 8i Hidden ParametersOracle 8iExperienceDBA Link
15Database Definition in Gujarati DatabaseALLDBA Link

You can download and use for practicing purpose.Kindly note, don't try in your production environment of remote dba services. We are trying to improve your skills using experience of our expert remote DBA only. Materials is for self study only. our facebook page Dbametrix.