Management of Dbametrix

Meet our senior management team


There is no doubt Dbametrix is one of worldwide leading company to provide remote Oracle DBA services. Dbametrix is an expert remote dba and ceo himself is Oracle certified DBA having 17 years experience.

Dbametrix was establshed in 2005 with 3 employees in company. Today there are more than 70 people working in various offices of Dbametrix. In 2005 Dbametrix started in Ahmedabad, India and at present it is having offices in USA, Singapore, India.

Here you can find out some more information about senior level management of Dbametrix about CEO, VP, and Senior managers. Our company is expanding business day by day and also hiring high experienced senior level management employee for providing best deliverables to our customers. Due to dedication of work and strong management involvement, Dbametrix is becoming popular in last 10 years. We have been getting more and more customers from world.

Top management team of Dbametrix is here......


Gitesh T.

  --Founder and CEO

Gaurang, the founder of Dbametrix Solutions, has 15 years of solid experience in the Information Technology industry. It is difficult to summarize his technical experience since he has exposure to almost all areas of Oracle database administration and project management in large scale environments in the banking and financial services industry, as well as other sectors. He is an Oracle Certified Professional DBA in various Oracle versions. He is also a certified system administrator in Unix. Gaurang has also worked as an external faculty in reputed institutes. He has been training senior executives of well known organizations including the Reserve Bank Of India, and several other public and private sector organizations. He is a well known personality in the field of Oracle education and is widely respected for his knowledge and experience.


Mahesh Patel

  --Senior VP Database Management

Mahesh has 12 years of experience in database management and software development in .NET, PHP, HTML, Visual Basic and website designing. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and has in-depth knowledge of database management. He serves as the company's most critical product, managing most scientific and technical aspects of remote database services & remote database monitoring.


Rohit Singh

  --VP Offshore Development

Rohit reinforces the engineering excellence in all offshore products and services, and he is responsible for identifying and adopting the latest market-driven technologies. Rohit has wide experience in offshore development projects and has nice success track record.


Shilpa Sen

  --AVP Software Development

Shilpa is Software expert, leading the multi-platform software development teams, and is overseeing the strategic development of the company's R&D centres.


Amit Krishnan

  --AVP Onsite Management

Amit is leading the multi platform software development team at Dbametrix at onsite development projects, and is also developing ERP for various companies.


Peter Nicholson

  --AVP Technology

Peter is responsible for extending database technology leadership position and guiding technical software development in response to customers' long-term business requirements.


Rajesh Dave

  --AGM Business Development

Rajesh has strong hands-on experience in handling projects and deliverables for large corporate clients. He has a solid understanding of client relationships. He is also an expert in search engine optimization techniques and other web technologies.


Samir Shah

  --AGM Human Resource

Samir is an MBA with a specialization in HR management. He is responsible for recruitment, and handling outsourcing projects for clients. He believes in developing strong personal relationships with each member of our team as well as our clients.


Nita Joshi

  --AGM Training

Nita has around 14 years of experience and very sharp knowledge for administration. She is responsible for all training courses and online training courseware. She is managing classroom scheduling and online training scheduling. She has wonderful knowledge of problem solving and time planning management.

Other important members of our management team are following...

Sahin T
--Sr. Project Manager
Sneha Diwan
--Sr. Project Manager
Harsh Shekhawat
--Sr. Project Manager
--Sr. Project Manager