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oracle dba 2009-2010

Oracle Kill session

Article explains in Oracle - how to Kill session using Sqlplus in various blocking lock situations. Killing session is necessary to release blocking session or blocker session. Read more

oracle rac dba 2009-2010

Oracle RAC Kill session

Kill session in Oracle RAC some difference commands. Article explains difference between multiple instance Oracle RAC instance, kill session commands using sql plus. Read more

oracle 11g dba 2009-2010

Oracle 11g Kill session

New feature introduced for killing session in Oracle 11g. Articles explains Kill session in Oracle 11g with new features. Read more

oracle kill session 2009-2010

Kill session using OS

Sometimes it is required to kill session using operating system commands. Article explains how to Kill session in Oracle using os commands in Unix and Windows. Read more

oracle db2 comparison 2009-2010

Oracle - DB2 comparison

Excellent article provides knowledge base and knowledge sharing about Oracle and DB2 Database Comparison and Differences. Read more

oracle dba 2009-2010

ORA-01078 - LRM-00109 Errors

Problem and solution of ORA-01078 & LRM-00109 ORA errors. Article explains root cause of ORA error and Resolution. Read more

oracle process 2009-2010

Setting Oracle Process Priorities

Oracle Performance enhancement, Setting priority can boost up Oracle? There are different thoughts you will be getting more. Article explains basic concept of priority setting. Read more

oracle context 2009-2010

Oracle ConText interMEDIA

Installation and De-installation of CTXSYS called Oracle ConText. Article explains how to resolve Full table scan with like operator using Install-uninstall CTXSYS. Read more

oracle context 2009-2010

Fresher Oracle jobs

Most burning question and problem that Hiring fresher Oracle DBA job is impossible nowadays. Article explains reason behind this issue and resolution. Read more

oracle context 2009-2010

Oracle 11g - Authentication Attempts Restriction

Oracle 11g new feature for security enhancement called authentication attempts prevention and control to protect database against intruder attack. Read more