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oracle dba career September, 2011

How to be successful DBA - Part 1 - Develop Uniqueness

There are lots of DBA in global market but how many are successful in DBA field? Answer is very few. Exclusive article - Develop Uniqueness the first tip to be successful DBA. Read more

oracle ofa September, 2011

Oracle Installation Guide- Oracle OFA

If you are working on multi-database environment then you need to consider Oracle OFA during Oracle installation. Main advantage of OFA is that easy to manage. Read more

oracle tuning October, 2011

Reducing disk I/O contention of Oracle

Make solid action plan for decreasing disk I/O bottleneck of Oracle database server. Downtime is very difficult of 24*7 running OLTP databases. Read more

oracle windows linux November, 2011

Which Database is Best - Case Study

For choosing database for any company, you need to consider all requirements of company, application,end-user,costing,management,SLA,Security etc. Read more

oracle security November, 2011

How to develop strong data security?

Deployment of strong data security and robust database protection using Oracle security features and Oracle auditing are the best options. Read more

oracle 10g new features November, 2011

Top 10 Oracle 10g New Features

Oracle 10g introduced exclusive new features of automation, storage management, backup and recovery, space management etc. Read more

oracle 11g new features November, 2011

Top 10 Oracle 11g New Features

Oracle 11g introduced exclusive new features of RMAN, storage management, Advisory, space management etc. Read more

oracle dba responsibilities November, 2011

DBA Responsibilities and Role

Excellent explanation of responsibilities of DBA during job career. Article explains about different Oracle DBA roles. Read more

oracle database upgrade November, 2011

Why Oracle Upgrade is essential?

Here you can find out useful & important reasons to upgrade Oracle to newer version. There are strong points advocating to upgrade Oracle database to newer version. Read more

unix shell November, 2011

Identification of Unix Shell

For start scripting, first need to identify default your shell of Unix and Linux. Shell scripting is best tool for every DBA.This is very useful technique for all remote dba work. Read more