Does Upgrade or Migration of Oracle necessary?

by / November, 2011 / Published in Oracle DBA Tips

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Most of the customer only sees the database as backend to their applications. If such is the case then database upgrade is something meaningless that cost time, money and efforts. We need to upgrade our database in various situations. Let us have glance at some of the reasons before discussing then in depth.

Oracle database is tough task. Time consuming depends on size of database. Remote DBA experts always make plan of action of database upgrade and test it on test database server.

  • There are bugs in your current database version causing outage and/or business impact.
  • Upgrade to new version would improve the business bottom line in terms of cost and performance.
  • Support for your current database version is about to end or has already ended.
  • Your application provider is pushing you for database upgrade.
  • It is essential to have most current security fixes that you only get during premier support period.
  • New feature deployment in application which are available in newer version only.
  • Hardware, storage, application, and other dependencies.

Decision for databases upgrades depends upon the questions that arise during drawing Business Cases. And answer to those may be one or more from above mentioned reasons. You are willing to implement some new solutions but current version lacks the feature for the same. In this case manipulating the solution and/or finding the alternative solution, decision to upgrade to the most recent version can be taken. Current version of your database version may have some seen or unseen bugs that are causing problems like data outage and hampering business. These kinds of bugs are very hard to detect. The option we are left with is get the support from database vendor or upgrade.

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Support for the version is subject to expiration. If you see that the support for your current database version is about to expire or is already expired but you need the support for better operational activities that need better security then you should definitely upgrade your database. Even though not mandatory it would prove to be great help in future where all doors to solutions seem to be closed. I have even seen the one of the organization that recently took the decision to upgrade its existing database from Oracle 3.0 to Oracle 11.2g, in this case there is no Oracle support and project is very critical to carry on as there are also various issues involved like application migration which consists of 50+ Pro*C programs, almost 500 forms and 700 reports.

One more thing that is related with expiration is security fixes, you get the most current security fixes only during the support period. You need this fixes to protect your corporate data, emails, transaction, login credentials against various attacks or system crashes. There are many ways of attack your system or hack it by the cyber criminals or any other. So security fixes protect you against such attack and you can get the most recent security fixes by upgrading to latest version of database.

UPGRADING and MIGRATING of Oracle database is not easy tasks. Lots of prior preparations and documentation are requiring. Upgrade/migration always tests first on test database server or development server. Without testing and planning preparation, it is very risky to upgrade or migrate Oracle to newer version. There are more chances of failure and long outage of production database. During deployment of preparation plan of database upgrade, you need to consider database SLA and end user SLA. You should need to consider database support and database service timings of outsourcing vendors. You need emergency Oracle support or remote assistance during upgrade while facing any critical situation.

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