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oracle dba May 20, 2011

Oracle stops development on HP Itanium

Biggest stroke to HP Itanium customers who use Oracle database as back-end RDBMS that Oracle ceases new development for HP Itanium. Huge heart breaking news from Oracle Corporation for HP Itanium customers. Read more

dbametrix September 15, 2011

Dbametrix launched Oracle and IT Forums

Dbametrix starts new discussion board and forums for Oracle and IT community.Basic Goal of this Oracle Forums is to share knowledge and help database community and IT community. Read more

dba interview questions September 30, 2011

New edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Kendba released version 3 of Oracle DBA interview questions and answers book with 358+ interview questions. This book is most helpful to boost your confidence level and career growth. Read more

dbametrix November 15, 2011

Latest IT News & Technology News

Unique resource to obtain all technology news with exclusive coverage of market research on software,hardware,database,internet related latest news with press releases and articles on business. Read more

database news May 15, 2012

Latest Database Services News

Dbametrix starts to expand offshore business and for achieving this goal, it is starting to appoint high management and technical staff to fulfill basic requirements to satisfy every client. Read more

dbametrix January 01, 2013

Importance of Proactive DBA Support Services

Proactive database administration support always useful to maintain strong security, troubleshooting of mysterious error, database corruption, tuning and running smooth application operations. Read more

dbametrix news March 05, 2014

Latest Oracle DBA Interview Questions Released

Kendba published latest edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions & Ansewers book of Gitesh Trivedi with improved quality. Oracle 12c database including with more real time scenario based queries. Read more

dbametrix June 11, 2018

Dbametrix launches Oracle Cloud DBA services

Dbametrix launches cost effective DBaaS DBA and Cloud DBA services. Database migration from On premises to Cloud, patching, security, disaster recovery and tuning included. Read more