Oracle stops new development on HP Itanium

20 May, 2011 / Published in News

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HP Itanium is very good hardware and 64 bit operating system. HP Itanium is the biggest competitor of x64 and AMD processors. Oracle database is largest RDBMS with extra ordinary features of large database supporting, high availability, maximum security. On HP Itanium processors, Oracle performs very good and providing excellent performance in compare to other competitors.

Due to this reasons and benefits, Oracle is becoming popular database on HP Itanium processors too. But unfortunately, Oracle decided to stop further development and future support on HP Itanium processors. It means newer versions of Oracle not available for HP Itanium and existing support will be going to end in future. There are lots of threads and articles available to discuss this same issue.

"Biggest knocking news for all HP Itanium customers because Oracle stops development on HP Itanium which creates lots of problem in near future."

Now what will be happening with existing customers of HP Itanium who are running their Oracle databases on HP UX Itanium processors? Customers of HP should need to switch either operating system or database vendor. If there is no dependencies with other applications or ERP like Peoplesoft or Oracle e-business suite then those customer can be able to take decision to change database vendor. But those customers who are having dependencies with applications and ERP with Oracle, they can't able to change database vendor easily.

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After all this issue is increasing IT cost of companies. Oracle is larger database vendor and HP UX is also biggest hardware and operating system vendor. But customers of those may not be affording this extra cost burden. In global market, every company is cutting IT cost for improving company growth and profit. In this situation, this migration of operating system, hardware and database vendor is becoming more critical.

Near future, if this issue is being solved then HP Itanium with Oracle user gets more relaxation from un-necessary difficulty and tension.

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