Remote Database Monitoring & Remote DBA Monitoring Services

Dbametrix, a group of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated professionals, offers services to enhance performance of your Oracle based applications at quite a low cost. Our emphasis is to provide remote database services and thereafter remote database monitoring of your business program. We provide competent services in all versions of Oracle on any platform with full dedication and commitment to the task, which results in top quality and money saving solutions. Dbametrix provides guaranteed high availability of remote dba services for your critical databases.

Dbametrix offers a wide range of remote DBA services as well as high quality and keen remote database monitoring. Presently there are two types of remote database monitoring being offered by Dbametrix.

Remote Database Monitoring for 24/7 Running Database:

remote database monitoring

A dedicated team of remote dba experts is always ready to give prompt response to any problem faced by you in your database. In IT sector, the programs and hardware are always liable to faults. Today, business data is of prime importance and one cannot afford its loss, therefore a constant monitoring of database system and program is required in order to avoid complex problems. It also ensures there and then rectification of any minor fault. Instead to keeping separate staff for the purpose, just contact "Dbametrix Solutions", who are always ready to welcome you. Remote monitoring is very efficient and affordable.

Proficient staff is busy in monitoring your database 24/7 without any break and negligence, with extreme level security of your data. It provides complete solution for High Availability and scalability of your important database in critical environment.

Remote Database Monitoring for 9 to 5 Running Database:

Dbametrix also offers remote monitoring service for your database, running from 9 to 5 on daily basis. If your business involves daily running of data in prescribed timings and your business gets closed after that, then why to pay for the complete day? Pay only for the time you require the service for. Our enthusiastic and devoted staff continuously monitors your database for working hours and responds immediately in case of any problem.

Save Yourself from Critical Problem - Save Time/Money/outage:

database monitoring

Dbametrix is expert in resolving routine issues as well as critical data recovery. All this is possible with high quality monitoring. Timely diagnosis of a fault saves you from any critical problem in future, which may lead to disaster. Hire "Dbametrix Solutions" for remote database monitoring at very low cost and avoid any potential heavy loss.

Contact our sales department with your requirements and SLA for getting cost effective quote and remote dba plans.


Remote database monitoring is most important for performing proactive DBA tasks
for future forecasting of performance bottleneck and maintaining capacity management.
We can eliminate every possibilities which causes major impact to database operations.

Gaugang Vaidhya- Company CEO