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Dbametrix provides Remote DBA support and Remote DBA services to small and medium sized businesses.

We have a highly professional team of Oracle DBA experts who have many years of experience in this field. Our wide range of Remote DBA support and Remote DBA services will ensure that your database keeps performing at the optimum level and your business does not face any unexpected disruptions. You'll never have to worry about performance bottlenecks and security loopholes when you choose Dbametrix.

Here are some reasons why Dbametrix is one of the world wide leading remote Oracle DBA support services provider.

Our Expertise


Professional, Certified, Trained and high experienced DBA Team! Monitored and audited by Seniors.


Absolutely cost effective solution. You don't need to proceed costly hiring emplyoee based tradition.


Our teams are working 24x7x365 round the clock. Every team is being monitored by level 1 Oracle DBA.


We provide proactive DBA tasks. Every issue will be addressed quickly and resolved instantly.

Our Remote DBA Service Ensures Security of Your Database:

When you choose Dbametrix, you can rest assured that your data and database will always remain secure. Our expert Remote DBA team will manage all security related issues of your Oracle Database. We will monitor and audit database usage to detect and eliminate security holes that could compromise your data. Our database auditing service can be customized based on your requirements.

Our Remote DBA Service is Cost Effective:

Lowering costs is one of the most important priorities for today's businesses. With our Remote DBA Service, you can manage your business critical systems with fewer people and at a significantly lower cost. When you choose Dbametrix, your DBA costs will be even lower than the annual expense of a junior DBA.

You Can Always Rely On the Dbametrix Remote DBA Service:

With Dbametrix, you can opt for an SLA that perfectly suits your requirement. We believe in providing a lot of flexibility to our customers so that you can derive the maximum benefit from our service. Having a customized SLA also means that you are guaranteed of the high standards that you expect from our Remote DBA service.

Team of Committed DBA Experts:

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Every member of our team is a highly committed DBA professional. Our DBA experts have experience in managing and administrating small to very large databases in business critical environments. With so much talent on our team, we provide full assurance of quick error resolutions and complete data protection.

Our Remote DBA Services are Available 24*7*365:

Our Remote DBA team provides full support on chat, phone, or email for error resolutions and assistance. We also constantly monitor your database to quickly detect and resolve issues that could blow up into potential problems like performance bottlenecks or security loopholes.

Expertise in Database Performance Tuning:

Our Remote DBA support team also has a lot of expertise in tuning of databases. We can make a proactive plan for potential performance problems that may occur in future. We can then optimize the database for resource usage to deliver a significant performance boost. We follow a results driven approach to database optimization.

Our Remote DBA Services are Highly Customizable:

Our Remote DBA services and Remote DBA support plans are highly customizable. Depending on your specific environment and other requirements, you can choose a plan that will best suit your situation and will fit within your budget.

Database Health Checkup and Proactive Administration Tasks:

For monitoring growth of data and to proactively plan for future requirements, our Remote DBA team carries out a daily health checkup of your database. We also carry out a historical analysis of performance bottlenecks and space management in the database. This health checkup can be very useful in better understanding resource utilization and optimizing the performance of the database.

With so many advantages of our Remote DBA support and other remote services, you can say goodbye to all your database related worries when you partner with Dbametrix.

For more details on our Remote DBA support services and for a FREE Database Health Checkup, please contact us.

Onsite client's database is the one the important, essential and critical part of the IT Infrastructure in present industries. Databases need High Availability, Efficiency and Optimizing for running smooth operations. Hence, databases have to be monitored, administrated & maintained by high experience, expert and skillful DBA.

Mahesh Patel- Senior VP Database Management