Strong and Transparent Service Level Agreement with Remote DBA Support

service level agreement

A part of any service contract, which defines the level of service which will be provided to the customer, is known as service level agreement. It is also abbreviated as SLA. In IT sector, term SLA is used to refer promised performance or high availability or delivery time of the service. However, genuine SLA is absolutely necessary for any company that seeks high database availability. Strong and Genuine SLA permits an organization to be promised stability, reliability, and performance of databases.

Dbametrix, being a remote DBA support provider, includes service level agreement in our service contract with customers to define level of support & rates of that service. Dbametrix has expert team to make strong SLA, which are covering all expectations and requirements of client. Genuine & Strong SLA of Dbametrix is useful to deliver high quality of remote database services which builds solid trust and satisfaction of client. SLA of Dbametrix is easy to comprehend and interpretation.

Different Levels of SLA:

Dbametrix offers various levels of SLA. The diversity of levels is presented to give vast options to our customers so that they feel free and choose as per their own requirements, needs and budget. Our customer based SLA includes all the services which will be used by an individual customer group. It is a customizable agreement basing upon special requirements of our customer.

On the other hand, Dbametrix also offers service based SLA which included all standard services which are universal requirements of general customers. It is in fact, a standard package of services.

Service Level Management (SLM):

Monitoring mechanism of promised service, to ensure timely and accurate provision of service to customer is known as service level management or SLM. Service Level Management is the fundamental management of IT services, ensuring that agreed remote services are delivered with key features like IT security, change management, incident management etc. Service level management is the monitoring and management of the quality of service (QoS) of an entity's key performance indicators(KPIs).Service level management involves comparing actual performance & scalability with pre-defined requirements, shaping appropriate actions & pro-active actions, and producing meaningful reports.

Dbametrix has an excellent and experienced service level management team which assures you the quality, quantity and timely provision of service.

Benefits of Strong SLA and SLM:

Dbametrix provides exceptional and outstanding remote DBA support, which has been acknowledged by the customers at all, tiers. Its exceptionally good repute reflects this acknowledgement.

Dbametrix offers strong SLA and SLM while providing remote DBA support to its customers. A strong SLA offers following benefits:

  • It ensures that Dbametrix and the customer are on the same grid as far as service provision and reception is concerned. Every minute detail of the service is written, leaving no doubts and assumptions regarding quality or quantity of remote DBA support.
  • A strong SLA covers smallest detail of rate and financial issues, in order to leave no query, to avoid any complication at later stage. It gives peace of mind to the customer.
  • It acts as fundamental of trust between customer and Dbametrix.
  • Ensures timely delivery of service & High availability.
  • Ensures better understanding of clients' requirements.
  • Transparent Service Level Agreement.
  • Guaranteed Response time.

Dbametrix has a wide experience of dealing with customers and no client had any problem with our service standard. It has been made possible due to strong SLA understanding. Dbametrix believes in strong SLA to remain on the same grid with the customer and provides 100% the same as written in the Service Level Agreement.

Expert remote dba team of Dbametrix provides exclusive range of ebusiness suite support including proactive tasks. Remote DBA services support is most important in ERP related databases.

Contact our sales department with your requirements and SLA for getting cost effective quote and remote dba plans including of different types of database support.