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November 15, 2011 / Published in News

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Twenty First Century is absolutely technology growing century. Every type of technology is expanding day by day in global word. If you take example then there are lots of examples available.

Television Technology:

After invention of color television, technology is growing very rapidly. Now LED and LCD with Plasma technology is introduced. New technology expansion is on way for introducing 3D television with new concepts and technology. Using television technology, every news and advertisement you can reach to common people. Because television is more popular nowadays. You can see television in small village as well as high tech offices and home.

Telecommunication Technology:

Phone is becoming wireless and now it becomes mobile. Communication is becoming easier and providing mobility with solid communication nowadays. Everyday new technology is invented and introduced. Day by day new mobile technology is introduced and older technology mobile phone is becoming more cheaper. Due to this reason, nowadays, everyone use mobile.

Computer Technology:

This century becomes computer century. Very vast technology is invented and introduced every day. Every time new technology with new software and programs is introduced with new features. In hardware and software technology, every time we are getting new features with new invention. Solid growth is being developed in computer technology. Tablet is now going to take place of computer. Tablet is hybrid combination of computer and mobile technology with small size and extra ordinary features.

Medical Science Technology:

Science and technology is growing faster and new developments are being performed for medical science to get rid of virus. Due to this reason, old virus and diseases are protected. New medicine and technology is invented for protecting human life from newer diseases and virus.

Games and Movies Technology:

Games are now available on computers and mobiles with high tech features like 3D and online. We can see lots of high technical effects in movies using computers, graphics and sound technology. These all technologies are developed for adding new attractive features to attract more customers.

Space Technology:

Space science and technology is expanding up to space travelling and searching human life in various planate.

Media and News Technology:

After growing Internet market, it becomes very easy to get updated news and breaking news very quickly using computer internet or mobile internet from world.

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