Which Database is BEST & more Suitable for your Business requirement - A Case Study

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Selection of database is very complexity for every Database Administrator. Being Oracle DBA you would always consider Oracle is best solution but every time it is not true. You need to consider application requirement, business rules, end-user service level and management budget for choosing new database. This budget is including database support and remote dba services.

When it comes to selecting the appropriate database package for any organization things that come into picture are:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Portability
  • Application requirements
  • Business Rules
  • Management reporting
  • End-user SLA
  • Disaster Policy
  • Database Support

Pre-Planning of Choosing Database:

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When above mentioned features comply with the business need then it must be considered as the suitable database package for the organization. There is variety of databases available today in market consisting from open source to the licensed databases.

Let us considering an example is Web Hosting Company and a Data Center, having 33,000+ clients across the world. This company specializes in provision of high quality managed hosting, managed servers, server racks and system security.

To perform its functioning, company needs database application to keep track of all the customers, provided services to them, monitor the server for their proper working, all the internet or connectivity functions and billing for the services provided etc. Here we see that even though application may seem to be different but they are interrelated. Hence organization looks for the database package that would require some features.

Now make list of these all basic requirements of company and communicate to application team about their requirements. Ask to management about their budget of project about database.

  • Wide Application Support is for Desktop and Web.
  • Multiple clients can have concurrent access. (That means Multi-tier Architecture)
  • Support for various languages and character sets (Global support or Internationalization)
  • Operating System Portability is required.
  • Low Cost Budget and Linux OS.

Our Recommendation:

After consideration of all requirement and detail study of business rules and management expectations, we made final report about our recommendation about which database is better for company.Most important of all, that is data security in terms of access control, violations, and backups in case of data loss due to any reasons. As being DBA at company, I would recommend going with MySql based on following criteria:

  • Mysql is efficient low cost database & available on Windows and Linux.
  • MySql is also enough powerful when it comes to web application.
  • Unlike many other open source database MySql database is highly scalable.
  • MySQL requires lower overhead to manage support resources.
  • Performance and Scalability are the best MySql as open source database.
  • MySQL requires low level hardware architecture can fit company's IT cost.
  • MySQL provides strong security compare to other open source databases.

We see almost no disadvantages with MySql for company, as it stands for its entire requirement and even more that. MySql can work on large numerical data sets, has capability to handle parallel set of data and large data stream as well. MySql can organize and handle data efficiently. It can provide strong and reliable foundation for computational analysis applications like "Billing".


We didn't recommend Oracle as suitable database to company because application features and costing. There are very few features needed by application team which can handle using another database. We need to consider costing too because company doesn't have good budget for this project. MS SQL Server didn't satisfy requirement of operating system because it is Linux. IBM DB2 didn't match with company's requirement and costing. But we found MySQL is exact match with all type of company and application requirement. Therefore, consider all information for choosing which database best.

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