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Our technical article section is becoming more popular and we are getting so many requests to start newsletter feature. We are very glad to continue our article section once again and promise to our users and client for providing more useful and exclusive technical notes and Oracle DBA tips. These all articles are very helpful to you in your daily remote dba services tasks.

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sql versions January, 2011

Versions of SQL

Article explains SQL history, Versions & Characteristics. SQL is basic database language for all databases. Read more

oracle rman February, 2011

Backup and Recovery tool RMAN backup

Basic concept and characteristic of Recovery Manager (RMAN) the great backup and recovery tool of Oracle Server. Read more

ora errors February, 2011

Oracle Performance Tuning Achievement

Performance tuning of Oracle database server is not easy task. High experience and expertise is needed. Article explain how to Improve your Oracle Performance Tuning Skills. Read more

oracle tuning March, 2011

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning

Ultimate article for Oracle disk io and physical io tuning. Do you think Raw devices is proper solution? Read more

oracle career April, 2011

Are you Fresher Oracle DBA?

Are you fresher and looking for Oracle job? Then this is most usable article. Article explains how fresher doesn't get job and what are the tricks to get fresher Oracle job. Read more

oracle applications June, 2011

Familiarize yourself with your Applications

It is very important to get familiar with your applications of Oracle database. It is helpful to resolve every issues quickly and assuming the root cause for troubleshooting. Read more

oracle mysql comparison July, 2011

Oracle Wait Event Buffer Deadlock

Mysterious wait event and undocumented. Article explains why buffer deadlock wait event occurs and solution of same for Oracle performance tuning. Read more

database definition July, 2011

Definition of Data and Database

There are lots of definitions available for data and database. Every time it has changed as per requirement. Here you can find out most acceptable definition of database. Read more

oracle io tuning August, 2011

Disk IO elimination using read ahead caches

Do you think we can be able to eliminate disk io using read ahead cache configuration at server level for Oracle OLTP Server tuning? Read more