Oracle Wait Event Buffer Deadlock

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Buffer Deadlock wait event is generally not fetched during operation in database. Due to this reason, it doesn't becoming popular in database troubleshooting. This is mysterious wait event and sometimes acts mysteriously. Lack of resources at CPU level, buffer deadlock can be appearing. This wait event might be emerging while some any databases are running in same Unix box and trying to get CPU resources. Characteristics of Buffer deadlock is something same as buffer busy wait. Due to lack of recognition and popularity of buffer deadlock waits, it doesn't documented.

This event does not appear too repeatedly v$system_event and v$session_wait points of view, and when it does, it happens very quickly and can be difficult to detect. However, since the ratio of buffer busy wait event has been explained here. There are some points to code execution, causing the buffer busy wait, and some could cause a deadlock buffers. Deadlock buffers are not genuine and should slow down. They only set the CPU has been canceled. When the layer of buffer cache cannot get the hang of the data buffer to a certain mode, it waits for the buffer busy wait. However, the subsequent expected to cause a buffer layer cache management algorithm assumes that the buffer is in a dead end. This causes the CPU calls may be canceled, and usually goes to the end point for the implementation of the processor to implement the queue.

Buffer deadlocks in the care of P1 buffer provides the address of data block requested block. If the blocking buffer seems important, then the same buffer solutions described in standby to be used, which is to identify which segment is involved in understanding the models and storage features DML change accordingly.

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Buffer Deadlock is very typical wait event and not so much seen in database. But when you are encountering with this mysterious wait then you would see effect of wait and performance bottleneck of server. But we can't bypass this wait whenever we got during Oracle server tuning and database services.

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