Rman tool is best for Oracle server Backup and Recovery

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Thinking backup and recovery of Oracle server, means lot of backup options are available like user managed cold backup, user managed hot backup, export and import, datapump and RMAN. But most of companies are not taking benefits of RMAN. RMAN backup is the excellent backup and recovery tool of Oracle database server which is freely available with all database versions.

There are a lot of options for backing up the database. When we are talking about Backup and Recovery of Oracle databases, then RMAN is the best tool. If you are working on Oracle; you will know what RMAN is. It is Oracle Backup and Recovery free tool called recovery manager and Enterprise Manager based and command line tool. It is a well known fact that it is most effective and Oracle preferred method for backing up Oracle database. This can also be used for recovering the database in less time and more efficiency. Now, people may be curious to know why RMAN backup is preferred. So, some of the advantages of using RMAN in backup and recovery are elaborated below.

When the modified data blocks are copied, it will perform incremental backup. Strong feature of RMAN backup and recovery is incremental backup. This feature doesn't available in user managed backup and recovery.

In case the data block get corrupted; integrity is checked by this recovery manager. During backup of database rman checks data integrity.

Rman backup and recovery tool can perform block level recovery which is not possible in user level backup and recovery.

This is capable of performing parallelism backup and recovery instead of sequential which can save a lot of time and disk space. Performance is improving during backup and recovery using RMAN with parallel feature.

These are some of the reasons why Oracle RAC can make maximum use of RMAN backup and recovery. The experts have their positive viewpoints about using this recovery manager for backup and recovery purposes. This rman is designed to work closely with the server and is able to offer block level corruption detection when the database is being backed up and restored. RMAN automatically detects performance of disk and disk load in RAC database and starts backup from least loaded instance. If you have more databases then backup and recovery process is becoming very easy using Recovery Manager backup utility. You can schedule backup using rman and access remote database monitoring.

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Interactive or stand-alone SQL is engaged by users to directly extract information from or enter it into the database. For example, a user could ask the database to construct a report of financial activity for the specific month. The output would merely be sent to SQL screen or save in to particular file.

Remote database administration tasks become easier using RMAN. This is also helpful in optimizing the space consumption and performance of the database and server by file multiplexing as well as by compressing backup set. It can integrate with Oracle Secure Backup and tape backup provided by any of third media management products. These are the reasons why it is highly recommended to stick to RMAN tool for backup and recovery . This is capable of backing up the data file by accessing the memory buffer. This is the best way to ensure that every file is read and written. This is because of the fact that there will not be any loss of data and hence, errors will be very few.

All underlying database procedures are taken care of by RMAN before and after the back up and restore for recovery. This is the way how the dependency on SQL*Plus scripts and OS will be eliminated. Instead, a common interface for back up and restore is provided across various host operating systems. RMAN also provides the features which cannot be accesses via user managed methods such as retention policy of back up files, the detailed history and backups till date and parallelism of the back up and recovery data streams.

Automation is the excellent feature of RMAN backup and recovery. Using pre-written scripts we can automate RMAN backup and Recovery. RMAN stores metadata in target database's control file or own repository. Due to this reason RMAN knows very well to backup destination for restoration process. Means we can say, during rman backup and recovery there are only few commands are needed to perform task. You have no need to remember every destination of backup, RMAN automatically discovers last backup destination and restore it. Using RMAN backup and recovery tool of Oracle server we can perform backup and recovery with minimum efforts.

RMAN is only option for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) database. RMAN is best tool to perform backup and recovery of Oracle RAC databases.

Important thing we can say that RMAN utility is totally free backup and recovery tool and also supported by Oracle support. There are number of another backup and recovery third party GUI tools internally use RMAN. RMAN can invoke using Oracle Enterprise Manager Console and GRID Console. In short, GUI console also available of RMAN utility for performing backup and recovery. What else is required for backup and recovery?

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