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database definition

We characterize a database as an organized collection of logically related data. A database can be of any size and complexity. For example, a seller may retain a small database of customer contact on his laptop, which consists of a few megabytes of data. A large company can build a very large database containing several terabytes of data on a high-powered mainframe computer used in applying decision support. This high powered mainframe can be storage hardware. Basically we can say that large database can be running on large storage hardware mainframes.

Historically, the term referred to the facts known information that can be recorded and stored on computer support. For example, the database vendor, the information should include facts, such as your name, address and telephone number. This definition has now expanded to meet the new reality. The databases are now used to store objects such as documents, photographs, videos and even audio segments, in addition to conventional text and numeric data. For instance, the seller can hold a photo database of customer contacts. It can also record audio or video, the highest discussion with the client. To reflect this reality, we use the following expanded definition: Data consists of facts, text, graphics, images, audio and video segments are the users of the importance of the environment.

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We have classified a database as an organized set of related data. Organized by, we believe that the data is structured to be easily stored, manipulated and retrieved by users. Relationship means that the data describe an area of interest to a group of users and that users can use the data to answer questions on this matter. For case, a database for a mobile repair shop contains data identifying the client, which lists data elements include the name of each customer, address, work phone, mobile number, home phone number, and the preferred number of credit cards, mobiles belonging to these clients, including data items such as name, model and year with the repair history. This story represents the date of the repair service, the name of the person who worked on the cell phone, the type of repair done and the cost of repair. We can list lots of example for defining definition of database. All definitions are consisting with one of above scenario.

Hence, if we are using telephone directory then we can say that telephone diary or directory itself is database because it contains person name, address, and telephone number. But using this example we can't define database definition because definition of database is broad vision. Due to this reason, we can explain definition of database is not faultless itself. Using some examples we can understand vision of database definition and usage of database in global techno world. We can easily recognize that why database are so popular in now days. This is most valuable definition of data and database which widely uses in remote dba services and database services.

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