What are the Features of Oracle 10g

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Oracle 10g has come with purpose of improving manageability and performance in all areas, right from the process of installation, server configuration, database upgrades to application tuning, space and storage management and so on. This Oracle version has been designed to reduce the cost of manageability and deliver high performance for all key workloads.

Also various new features are provided for high-availability, including new flashback capabilities, virtualization of computing resources in Grid environment that reduce the cost of hardware and storage, security enhancement, Business intelligent solutions etc. Let have a glance at some exiting features of Oracle 10g.


Oracle 10g continues to address the key requirement in providing reliable, scalable processing power on cluster of machines. Oracle Real Application Cluster, in this version introduces new service framework that allows administrators to configure, manage and monitor application workload as services deployed across number of nodes in large scale cluster deployment. This kind of framework not only allows administrators to monitor and manage performance of the services but also manage how to provide these services continuously.

Grid Computing:

Oracle 10g is database for grid computing. It enables organization to reduce the cost of resources, make their efficient use and quickly cope with changing business needs. It has features that enable virtualization and dynamic provisioning of resources and efficiently manage workload in grid environment.

This release provides feature to virtualized and dynamically provision on demand resources like CPU, storage and data. This way is key to improving proper resource utilization and enabling realignment of resources as business needs changes. We can see following added features with Resource Virtualization and Provisioning:

  • Transparent Session Migration.
  • Moving operating system files.
  • Resonance
  • Integrated Cluster-ware management.
  • Simple instantiation of replica tablespaces and databases.
  • High-speed Infiband Network Support.
  • Automatic Storage management.
  • Fast Connection Failover.

This release automates the process of workload management which improves the utilization and efficiency. workload can be balanced across resources and new scheduling capabilities distribute and manage workload across time.

Server Manageability:

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Oracle 10g has significantly reduced the management cost of deploying and maintaining Oracle based solutions. The overall footprint of the oracle database has been significantly reduced. For those upgrading from previous versions new easy upgrade capabilities have been provided that reduce to the steps to upgrade database by much extent. Administrators have to be aware of only small number of basic initialization parameters that they can use to configure and tune database environment.

Simplification is made at various levels as installation, ASM configuration, Automatic Oracle RAC server configuration, Automatic OEM configuration, Automatic configuration of Recovery area etc.

Network Management:

This release greatly simplifies Oracle Network Management by eliminating the need to manually configure oracle network environment. It is now possible to connect to client machine without creating client configuration file. Oracle Network management offers following sub-features:

  • Backup directory naming entries to local naming file.
  • Dynamic connection manager configuration.
  • Easy connect naming methods.
  • Improved network outage detection.
  • Simplified Shared Server Configuration Parameters.
  • Automatic LDAP Discovery for Clients.

Storage Management:

This release add several features that simplify the management of database storage and also make it more flexible and automated. The very well known feature is Automatic Storage Management (ASM), which is vertically integrated volume manager and file system built for oracle data files. Two other feature with this that help simplify management of database are rename tablespace and multiple default temporary tablespaces.

Space,Object and Transaction Management:

for simplifying the management of space, object and transaction various new capabilities have been added in this release. New server advisories have been added to facilitate advice based intelligent management. This overall automates the process of manual database administration activities. We get features like:

  • Automatic Undo Retention Tuning.
  • Segment Advisory.
  • New Segment Resource Estimation.
  • Online Segment Shrink.
  • Proactive Tablespace Management.
  • Undo Advisory.
  • SGA Target Advisory.

Backup and Recovery Manageability:

Oracle 10g simplifies the implementation and current maintenance of your data protection policies or strategies. New concept of RECYCLEBIN introduced. Using recyclebin concept you can recover dropped table.Recovery Manager now provides compression that keeps backups on disk when space is premium. RMAN scripting features allow you to modify them using any of text editors of your choice. Enhanced features of RMAN include:

  • RMAN Reporting has been enhanced
  • Backup Compression
  • Backup Bounded window
  • RMAN Script Manageability
  • Recovery Area Full Alert

Enhanced Oracle Data Guard Infrastructure:

Strong feature for database high-availability. Oracle Data Guard infrastructure introduced to support standby database has been improved to great extent. A new real-time standby apply capability is provided that ensures that standby database is in closed synchronization with the production system. This new infrastructure also supports zero downtime instantiation and easier data loss operations for standby databases using SQL apply.

Management of the Oracle Data Guard environment has also been simplified with support for fine-grained supplement logging at the database, schema and table level and improved monitoring features.

Reduced Downtime for Application and Database Upgrades:

As mentioned earlier this release reduces the cost at level of upgrade as well. Downtime associated with the application and database upgrades by supporting rolling windows upgrade to hardware, operating system or database versions has been reduced to great extent. All this is achieved by the use of standby databases, with new support allowing an organization to switch between versions of standby and production databases.For database changes and application upgrades, the current inline redefinition capabilities have been expanded to support one-step cloning of all associated databases object. Further changes to the underlying objects are not invalidated in PL/SQL packages built on this objects which allows new redefinition operation to be performed without recompiling the corresponding stored procedures.

Business Intelligence:

Oracle 10g continues with concentrating on key requirements of the business intelligence and data warehousing areas. As well as it introduces new features for better support for bioinformatics and life science customers. This release contains specific improvements for bioinformatics customers which includes the native support for DOUBLE and FLOAT datatypes in database, resulting in improved performance for application that need large amount of numeric computations.Various new statistical functions are added to support common statistical analysis. Text mining capabilities for generic data is provided that support document clustering and classification using support-vector machine algorithms.

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