How to be a successful Oracle DBA -Part One

by / September, 2011 / Published in Oracle DBA Tips

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You can find out lots of Oracle Database Administrators in global market. Everyone not gets success. Some of those are doing job and live routine life. They would not get any kind of appraisal from company. But they are not changing company too.

But some of those are keen interesting to grow their career in Oracle database administration field. Their expectations are high and wanting to earn high. How many are able to achieve this goal? Answer is only "few".

Why only few Oracle DBAs get success to growing their career stronger and earn more? We need to take look in inside story of Success of Oracle DBA.

If you are working in any company with large number of databases then you can see various and different versions of Oracle. In most of cases, it can be different Oracle versions on different type of operating systems. Size of databases is diverging and respective applications are also differing to each database. Means in single company we can get different versions of Oracle on various kinds of operating systems with different applications. These kinds of complex architecture may get in many companies. This type of company always needs expert Oracle DBA. If you are able to work this kind of complex environment then that is good.

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Now, we are discussing about uniqueness. If you look in another database domain like SQL server, DB2, MySQL, Teradata then you will get bigger picture of your career. You can develop you secondary skill with above kind of database or go with some system admin or storage admin skills. Building secondary skill will change your career. You can able to make your unique id in Oracle DBA because first skill and secondary skill makes you more skillful and you might get very good chances in some good company.

We can find out very rare cases or Database Administrator with 2 or 3 different skills. You will get more chances in big company with higher pay if you have more than one single skill sets. Take and example, Oracle DBA with Unix system administrator skills, Oracle DBA with SQL DBA skills, Oracle DBA with Application Developer, Oracle DBA with mySQL DBA, Oracle DBA with Storage Administrator, Oracle DBA with Windows System Administrator; these are only examples. These are the examples of uniqueness too. There are very unusual cases or candidates who have these types of dual skills. This is the thing, will impact more in your career move.

In last we can get projection of company too. If you see from company side then, company can save expense of hiring of two different skilled employees. Application teams and other technical teams has to contact single person (single contact point) for both type of issues. Higher level management becomes very happy because now DBA can't blame to System administrator and vice-versa. Means easy management is for every aspect for everybody.

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