Obtaining fresher Oracle jobs is impossible nowadays??!!

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fresher Oracle jobs

I got so many queries and mails after publishing my article on web for fresher Oracle jobs. Everyone is asking following questions.

  • Is it impossible to get fresher Oracle job from market?
  • Why recruiter companies not giving chance to fresher Oracle DBA?
  • It means we should need to change our career path instead of Oracle DBA?
  • Why it is so hard to get job as fresher Oracle DBA?

If anyone is not getting any reply from company after applying then he/she is frustrating. If this situation is repeating so many times then I can believe what would be happening. I have seen so many candidates changed their career path and switched themselves to another skill set.

As per my opinion, getting fresher Oracle jobs from market is really hard nowadays. But it means not impossible to get. There are so many recruiters and companies are granting fresher Oracle DBA jobs especially where numbers of Oracle DBAs are working in team. When we are discussion about Oracle DBA team then there will be number of Oracle DBAs working together in shifting duty. If company hires only experienced Oracle DBA then budget will be increasing. So many experienced Oracle DBAs are not interesting to work in rotation shifts. Experienced Oracle DBAs are trying to eliminate night duty of shifting duty. Hence, when we are assuming team then chance of fresher Oracle DBA job is increasing.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Fresher wants some time to get environment understanding and responsibilities. Means fresher Oracle DBA takes more time to start his responsibilities. Company also needs to keep monitoring fresher's activities for providing direct access of servers. There will be risk to sit fresher on database server without judge his capabilities.

Fresher Oracle DBA can get job easily from market using his strong skill set and artistic approach of fresher Oracle job searching, applying and facing interviews. For getting fresher Oracle jobs, some factors are more important like strong resume writing, effective covering letter, efficient interview communication, keen to handle tricky and complicated interview questions, excellent understanding about company's requirement. Off course some waiting time is required to get job.

In remote database support and other database services there will be more chance to hire fresher Oracle DBA because all teams are working in shifts. There will be more than 2 DBA work to gather. Fresher Oracle DBA can be covered up by another experienced Oracle DBA after getting new hire.

Therefore we can say that, getting fresher Oracle DBA job is tough but not impossible nowadays. Due to this don't frustrate, write effective resume and covering letter, be careful in job search criteria and apply with confidence. If you have still problem then hire any professional company which can provide full job search assistance. If you need my advice then check our sister concern's fresher Oracle job assistance services. What do you think about this?

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