Full feature list of ET - SLA remote DBA support Plans

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ET - SLA Remote DBA plan covers full remote Oracle database services using Email & Ticketing ONLY. It also contains limited remote login access and telephonic support, chatting support coverage with strongly SLA consideration. ET- SLA remote dba plan absolutely cost saving plan, to achieve goal of pay minimum and gets maximum.

This DBA plan is most suitable for remote dba assistance services. A DBA is working in his company and wants our assistance services without login into server. We will support and guide him or her as hidden support.

Important Features of ET - SLA Remote DBA Plans:

  • Low cost and affordable remote dba plan.
  • Strongly follows Service Level Agreement.
  • High Availability of Remote DBA support assurance.
  • Guaranteed response time for resolving critical issue quickly.
  • 24/7*365 round the clock high availability of Expert Senior DBA.
  • Remote monitoring covers as per client requirement.
  • Escalation to higher expert senior oracle dba automation.
  • Most flexible remote dba plan, client can switch any higher plan any time.
  • Customization also available as per customer need.
  • Monthly analysis of remote support and evaluational of our quality of service.
  • This support is available with quarterly, half yearly and yearly payment.

Other basic Features of ET - SLA Remote DBA Plans:

  • There is no dependencies of number databases AND number of instances.
  • There is no hidden cost.
  • ET remote dba plan covers all version of Oracle like Oracle 7,Oracle 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g.
  • ET remote dba plan has no dependencies of operating systems. It covers all platforms of Windows, Unix & Linux.
  • ET remote dba plan covers Oracle RAC databases also.
  • ET Remote plan is being provided by L1, L2, L3 & L4 Oracle DBA resources who are high experienced and trained Oracle certified remote dba experts.
  • Most secure remote dba plan because dba team doesn't take remote login access without getting approval of customer.
  • Most secure remote dba plan because dba team doesn't take remote login access without getting approval of customer.
  • If client has 9*5 (weekdays office hours) remote dba support and he want some more time for performing any scheduled activity then he can get temporary extra extended support without any additional charges.
  • Future forecasting of database usage and security management.
  • Monthly auditing available as per client requirement.
  • We offer 1 hour to 4 hour FREE remote login access, telephonic support, chatting support in every ET remote dba plan, which is helpful to resolve any critical issue quickly.
  • For critical issue of client, we offer telephonic support and remote login access support also in ET - SLA remote plans without adding any extra cost.
  • Extend-able support available.
  • Using ET - SLA Remote DBA support plan, you can learn Oracle DBA online with nominal addition charges from our online Oracle training.
  • We are using multilingual world famous ticketing system for providing remote dba support.

Expert Remote DBA team of Dbametrix provides excellent performance tuning of database server with guaranteed performance optimization without adding new hardware in server. Out expert service of Remote Database Monitoring offers proactive and future forecasting of performance related problems with full database health checkup of your all critical databases. Dbametrix assures unbreakable and high availability of expert Oracle Support Services for every critical database servers. A strong and expert Oracle DBA is our guarantee and assurance.

Indeed, remote dba experts are able to manage Oracle database in critical condition and troubleshoot issues very quickly. Maintaining high security is most essential part of remote dba work. Proactive database administration tasks are equally important to manage smooth database operations during remote dba services. Dbametrix is worldwide leader in remote dba support and database services. For competitive quote, kindly contact our sales department with your technical specification and requirements.