How to Become Expert Oracle DBA

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To reach a level of expertise one needs patience and continuous efforts. To become a Oracle DBA expert is always a dream of a Oracle DBA. The expert is always in demand. An expert will always be the first person to be contacted when the database is functioning properly. An expert Oracle DBA prepares the steps of execution and they are executed by all other DBA's. An expert Oracle DBA is a highly paid DBA, who has immense knowledge over the database and controls the heart beat of the database. One should always aim at becoming a expert Oracle DBA. The learning curve to become a expert Oracle DBA is very long. it needs time and effort to get to the position of expert Oracle DBA. If you want to become an expert Oracle DBA then following steps may be helpful to you.

As Database DBA you need Expertise:

There is a process to become an expert Oracle DBA. If a DBA sticks to them, then he/she is sure to come up as an expert Oracle DBA. The very introductory step would be to learn Oracle. Get the feel of the subject, and learn how it works. This is very necessary because it's only after learning Oracle that you will be able to understand anything related to the subject. Gain knowledge as much as you can. It's true that the path of learning Oracle is very tough, but is equally rewarding. However there is no shortcut for learning the subject, but one can always reduce the time taken and the efforts put in by you can be molded in a better direction. It's always advisable to learn Oracle from an expert itself. An expert has a lot of experience and would be able to deliver them back to you. An expert Oracle DBA has a vast experience and his enormous number of real time scenarios, would help you to get a better feel and understanding of the subject. An expert only would be able to explain different troubleshooting methodologies.

Accept Challenges:

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This is very important because in the life of a DBA the major challenges occur with the working of a database itself. To be an expert, it is highly recommended that you join a good training institute. This institute must have expert over the database itself. They must have expert Oracle DBA's they. You can also go for a good e-learning institute. You have t be careful enough to check whether the e-learning site has good reputation over the internet. Don't just check the testimonials, but also look for the e-learning site on forums and blogs, and check out the reliability of the e-learning website. E-learning website will be better option as most of the DBA stuff is performed through a remote computer over the network. You should go for online courses and certificates. If you are choosing e-learning training institute then it's recommended that you check for the trainers experience and his scope of knowledge.

If you are providing database support and working in good database dba company then you would get lots of chances to get challenges. Try to resolve errors more quickly and check results. If anyone else solved errors then analysis it.

Improve Knowledge in other Skills:

Apart from the knowledge of the Oracle Database's, it's very important that you gain knowledge about the operating systems and the networking domains. It is an added advantage to have knowledge about the operating system, on which the database is mounted and running. Learning about the operating system helps an expert as many a times, the database would react abruptly because of an issue at the operating system. Gaining some hands-on experience on the networking will also prove fruitful as a DBA mostly works from a remote computer, somewhere not even close to the server. Thus gaining knowledge is good when it comes to troubleshooting a database issue which arises due to some or other reason. It's advantageous because being a expert Oracle DBA all expected out of you is that you don't let the database done for even a moment. However if a database fails due to any other reason, then you will not be pointed out, but at the time of failure if you are able to prove your worth then you will surely be appreciated.

Take Online Participation:

Being a DBA and managing the database for a long time alone won't help your way to an expert Oracle DBA. You may be able to handle the database efficiently at your organization without any problems. But it's proved that there are many such issues which you might not face in the database but may happen to somebody else. It's quite possible that you being a DBA have not faced a issue past 5 years, and a novice DBA gets it on the first day of the job. It's always a great idea to keep in touch with these problems so that when they occur at your end, you are able to solve it without beating around the bush. Many experts Oracle DBA's face critical issues during their professional career, and they share their experiences and methodologies they applied to get out of it. You can take a look at their experiences. All you need to do is take part in different forums and read various blogs. Take part in several forums, which may be asking for help over a critical situation of the database or may be discussing the steps to trouble shoot a issue that has occurred in the database. Try and provide your steps and try and solve their issues with their database. Doing so will help you to judge yourself; whether you are thinking in correct way or you are missing on something important. There are live forums which will help you to better understand the live scenario if the database. Eventually you will gain knowledge about the issue which never occurred in your database but you are aware of the steps which need to be implemented when a similar problem arises.


In Oracle support, demand of expert Oracle is more. If you are able to develop uniqueness of skills then also you would become Oracle specialist. As already mentioned there is no procedural methodology to become a expert Oracle DBA, but sticking to the above steps would certainly help you to gain confidence and knowledge over the database services,remote dba, remote database support and thus you can prove your worth to become a expert Oracle DBA.

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