Future of H1 B Visa holders in USA

by / January, 2019 / Published in Oracle DBA Tips

h1 b visa status

With the recent move made by Trump administration to secure more jobs for native Americans, a large number of immigrants are to be affected, the majority of which are Indians. This all happening due to people of America strongly advocating against letting foreign nationals settle there even in the past.

It's no secret that unemployment has been a major issue in America for quite some time now. Home of Ivy League educational institutes and silicon valley companies, USA citizens are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Whereas immigrants coming from most developing countries such as India are taught an altogether different way of living.

No doubt that even though, the economy of US is running on the shoulders of immigrants, immediate future doesn't look good for H1B visa holders and/or their spouses. But information technologist guys are crazy to rush the USA. Because of the dollar rate in comparison to Indian rupees. Living standard is better than Indian living standard. Of course, you would get better living standard in any of other countries except India. The main factor is now onwards the young generation does not keen to take responsibilities of social life. So many factors play many roles to move over the USA.

H1B Visa: Current Prospect, Upcoming Options and More:

At present, H1B visas are capped up to 65k persona immigrant annually with additional 20k for those having done masters from American universities only. When campaigning for his election, current US president Donald Trump had emphasized the job issue in America owing it to the immigrants and vowed to put America first. Soon after enacted as president, he passed a bill named 'Buy American, Hire American'. Below are some of the changes made due to this:

  • Earlier minimum annual salary was required to be at least $60,000. Now it has been increased to $90,000 to be able to get the H1B visa.
  • Entrepreneurs won't be granted an extension on their visas to stay in is the US.
  • Interviews for the visa applicants have become stringent. Those applying for H1B visa are required to provide their email, social media accounts, phone number etc details for the previous 5 years.
  • Premium processing which was a crucial advantage for those getting a job in America has been removed. Because of this, there will be no fast-tracking the application for those in need.

Apart from the above, there has been an indication of several other changes coming. The presidential administration is trying to shorten the duration of visas, thus making extension and permanent residency very difficult to obtain. For the spouses of H1B visa holders, getting H4B visas to gain employment won’t be feasible anymore since permission for the same is to be revoked.

Employers are also being reluctant due to the measures they need to implement further to be able to work with immigrants. Reporting to the Department of Labor, beforehand proving the work project details for entire duration are just some of the things they need to take into consideration. Furthermore, speciality professions which were a condition for getting H1B visas have been stringently redefined.

Impact at Present and Future Suggestions:

Neither the present times look too good either for those trying to get a work offer in the US nor the Indian companies already established in America. Companies such as Facebook and Amazon saw a yearly increase in the number of H1B visas successfully obtained, others like Infosys saw a decrease of nearly half than before. Even though the current prospective changes haven’t been formalized yet, companies aren’t leaving anything to chances.

The hunt for recruiting and developing local talent has already begun whereas many immigrants working already in America are making plans to return to their native country. For as long as Donald Trump presidency holds the administration, prospects are bound to get much darker even in the future. Either you can stay in the USA in this worst while limbo state or get back to your home nation.

Several other countries, as well as European countries, are going to be opening their doors and offering various benefits to such immigrants and their employing companies in a short while if US remains adamant on its present behavior.

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