Oracle ADF - A Mobile Application Framework

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Oracle ADF mobile brings Application Development Framework to mobile users where they can develop and create mobile applications that support retrieval and allows appending the data on their mobile devices or any other device supporting the framework.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g release 2 allows application developers to quickly develop applications that run on multiple mobile devices. With the powerful Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) Mobile, application developers can develop applications for many mobile platforms. This feature of the Oracle application development framework provides a vast variety and scope of development as the mobile applications development field is growing very fast and there are number of platforms on which the mobiles works.

Mobile Application Development with Oracle ADF Mobile:

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile has an extension of enterprise/internet applications to mobile clients by providing tools, services, and infrastructure to protect against technology shifts. An application that is built with ADF Mobile framework gets installed on a smart device, and then it renders interface to the user via HTML5, and also has an access to services of the device. This means that the model of programming is primarily web-based, and thus is able to offer consistency with widely available enterprise applications Due to its rich structure; it becomes very easy to migrate to new platforms. The application has access to device services, thus it is able to provide a rich experience to the users in contrast to the browser on the mobile device.

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ADF Mobile allows very quick development of rich, on-device mobile applications. Using a ADF Mobile developers only need to write an application once and then they can use these applications across multiple leading smart phone platforms, thus providing a compatibility for all the platforms. For using any application on a different platform a developer just needs to create the platform specific platform.

ADF mobile based applications are built using the ADF Mobile extension in Oracle JDeveloper. It has flexible runtime architecture. A important feature of the ADF mobile applications is that, when deployed and are running locally on a device, they are able to ensure the data consistency irrespective of the network conditions.

Local HTML5 and javascript are used. Web services are started through a virtual machine which comes with the mobile application automatically during the build or the deployment process. Data storage is achieved through a local SQLite database. This allows offline data access and cache access.

Remote HTML and javascript can also viewed using the mobile application. We can reuse pages Apache Myfaces Trinidad JSF components that were originally optimized for mobile phone browsers. Or, for tablets, such pages may be built with Oracle ADF Faces rich client components. For providing a user rich experience of the application ADF mobiles also have a capability to use the device native language and code to develop an application, thus providing a better performance and a better interface for the user.

It is always a concern for the end user to lose the data when using it with a mobile device, thus security has been the priority in developing ADF mobile. It provides data encryption by using the native mobile client credential store. Also the channels of communication are encrypted using HTTPS. The mobile database SQLite is also encrypted. When authenticating, it uses Oracle Identity Management. The control of the access is built on server side which use client side access control APIs.

The ADF mobile makes it easy for a developer to understand the code of development and uses the power of Oracle Fusion middleware to develop mobile applications.

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