Importance of DBA in Oracle Cloud DBaaS

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For nearly 40 years, numerous customers from around the world have relied on Oracle database technology to run their database applications. Today, Oracle brings to the cloud the speed, scalability, and reliability of this technology through a new DbaaS (Database as a Service). This new Oracle Database has full compatibility from entry-level to larger database workloads. It enables organizations to take advantage of all the features of an on-premises database development system in the cloud data, SME, and departmental applications as well as enterprise applications.

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Oracle DBaaS is an Oracle Cloud service that provides a database in the cloud. Thus it is offering scalability and connectivity between known and anonymous devices. That's why Oracle DBaaS can serve to drive smart actions for B2B and B2C organizations. DBaaS is the future of the Oracle Cloud Technology. And it's some of the advantages and results that can be obtained with Oracle DBaaS are following.

Benefits of Oracle DBaaS to create and manage database environments in the Oracle public cloud:

  • Savings of operational costs.
  • Reduction of the provisioning time by using predefined catalogs.
  • Higher quality of service with less risk.
  • Avoid data leaks and damage to the image of the Company.
  • Greater agility and cost reduction.
  • No need to worry about licensing and support costing.
  • Provides ability to increase capacity on demand.
  • Scaling elasticity.

Using DBaaS, you can centralize your database management. You can easily scale up and scale down your machine for memory, CPU, and storage. You can pay whatever your usage only.

What Is The Role Of Dbaas In Oracle Cloud?

Oracle has announced many major innovations for the Oracle Cloud Platform. They have designed a unique way and offers organizations to move their sensitive and essential applications to the cloud. At the heart of Oracle PaaS is the new Oracle DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) service based on Oracle Database.

The key points that benefit this type of model are agility and faster deployment of database services. As the databases and environments are provisioned and de-provisioned, then the associated computing resources are consumed and then released. The database resources can be consumed during a project and subsequently de-provisioned to the resource pool. The computational costs consumed are subject to a follow-up and monitoring process to be later charged to the consumer.

In order to consider a service as "DBaaS", it must meet certain requirements. It must be available to the customer on demand without requiring the installation and configuration of any hardware or software in advance. That is paid only for use, without the need to establishing long-term contracts or payments in advance and that the provider is responsible for the management of the service.

What Is The Main Attraction Of A Dbaas Environment?

Organizations are attracted to the implementation of DBaaS because it simplifies IT infrastructures, making it easier to distribute database functionality to many users and multiple divisions/sections with the same hardware and software infrastructure.

Database environments provisioning can frequently take many days or sometimes many weeks. Using DbaaS, this activity can be reduced to minutes.

New Approaches for Cloud Application Developers:

With Oracle PaaS, developers have a freedom of choice never offered to develop on-premises or in the cloud with a wide variety of languages and services. Applications collected of multiple PaaS services can be managed, sized, and created as a single unit using the new tool of Oracle Cloud Stack Manager.

Organizations can now move their Java apps to the cloud automatically using Oracle AppToCloud. Anyone can create complete applications from a simple browser without coding. Using the low-code development platform that requiring very little coding Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service to extend services based on predefined APIs Oracle SaaS.

The Oracle Cloud Platform is an integrated offering covering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as this is the approach required by business customers. Oracle makes it easy to run its open-standards-based PaaS services in the public cloud with outstanding performance and availability.

Role of Oracle Database Administrator in Oracle Cloud DBaaS and Responsibilities:

It is the rumor that there is no role of Oracle DBA in Oracle Cloud. Oracle DBA plays the very significant role for migrating database from on-premise to DBaaS it’s called as “Lift and Shift”. Scale up of DBaaS becomes easier because you can just click on scale up for increasing CPU, Memory, Storage then within a fraction of the second you can achieve this.

After scale up your Oracle instance, Oracle database doesn't take effect of memory, CPU increment of the machine in the cloud, but your database administrator has to set up certain database parameters for taking effect. It means Oracle Cloud database provides facility to scale up your machine which contains storage, CPU, and memory but without database administrator, your database can't get an effect. For an example, when you are scale up cloud machine and increase memory from 7.5GB to 15GB. Your VM machine takes effect of this added memory but Oracle database doesn't take effect. DBA needs to modify SGA and PGA parameters of Oracle database then and the only database will get the impact of this changes. Oracle database doesn't take influence of this new expanding memory automatically.Tasks of DBA for performance and tuning are also same because without monitoring database and don’t find out the root cause of performance degradation you cannot scale the whole machine.

Taking a backup and performing recovery becomes easy in Oracle Cloud environment, but DBA needs to monitor backup process and corruption of the database. Patching becomes easy but pre-checks and post-checks tasks are same here too but you need to perform these tasks using DBaaS tools like DBaaSCLI with DBPATCHM or RACCLI. Still, DBA needs to deployment and maintain disaster recovery plan and backup recovery using some different cloud tools. There is some extra work also DBA needs to do that is change firewall rules, maintain security lists, etc. As DBA you should be aware of risk of database is on public cloud then you should need to maintain more precaution steps of security.

In Short:

In short, we can say that in DBaaS, database administrator role becomes easy and still having the same importance as on-premises production DBA.

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