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oracle data masking

Oracle Data Redaction:

Many database clients currently avoid the show of important and sensitive information to their user by executing data masking in every program. Oracle Data Redaction introduced on same principle and useful inbuilt data masking tool. This strategy has numerous advantages over masking information in the program level, and it is helpful in a wide range of program circumstances.

Oracle Data Redaction is an apparent, easy, and uncomplicated solution. It amends insightful important table columns which are in SQL statement outcomes masked value in returned to reporting. The targets columns are masked in respective to uncomplicated policies are constructed and conditions provided. The data is redacted during runtime without modifying actual data. It means using Oracle Redaction, only user can see redacted (as per policy created) data but actual data doesn't modify. The policies are defined and managed within database only not from third party tool. For maximum transparency, redaction conserves the output column data type and formatting only. The redaction process doesn't change any data in table or in memory. Oracle Redaction is fastest data masking feature. You can use this feature in reporting database or production database. Oracle Redaction exists in Oracle database means there is no another installation or third party installation requires.

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Oracle Data Redaction is practical feature for many circumstances, like you can use in reporting, test database, application testing. Oracle Redaction doesn't change data underlying block and table thus you can use in financial, banking, important data secure type any of applications. It is very useful in payment card system, protected health information or personally identifiable information to maintain highly secure data. Data mask is very important to maintain sensitive data security. You can use DBMS_RANDOM or DBMS_CRYPTO in Oracle for achieving goal of data mask but practically it doesn't suitable for all scenarios. Thus Oracle data Redaction tool pack is most helpful in all circumstances because you can be invoke through GUI Oracle Enterprise Manager Console too as well as command line SQL*Plus.

Data masking is needed to configure in test database where you build database directly from production. If your production database is running with some sensitive data like credit card number, pin, passwords, client banking information, social security number, pan number, or any other important data and you created test database from production then you need to hide some important data to your application team or end user. In this scenario, Oracle Redaction is useful. It is also helpful for decision support database management systems that cumulative huge data is being analysis contained sensitive data. In this scenario, whenever report will be generating then defined policies would be applied and output generates masked data. Actual data doesn't mask but only returned data is masked at top level of SQL statement.

There are some restriction facilities available in Oracle Redaction feature. Data can't be masked during SYS operation. In short, if SYS user retrieves data then it won't be redacted. SYS user is an exceptional in Oracle Redaction feature because it is super user of Oracle. Logical backup like export and import are also exceptional because those are not fetching data using TOP layer. During export and import operation, all PL/SQL objects exist in backup therefore, in new database, using imported policies Oracle Redaction exists for user level data retrieving operations. RMAN backup and user managed backup does not mask data because those operations are from database level.

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