Oracle Database 12c New Features for Administrators

by / December, 2013 / Published in Oracle DBA Tips

oracle 12c new features

Exclusive Oracle 12c New Features:

As we stated earlier that, in every new version of Oracle database new features are being introduced. These new features provide more facilities and enhancement for running and developing smooth database operations and new deployment. Sometimes, due to lack of sufficient knowledge or mysterious bug encountering; so many ongoing database operations stuck. If database upgraded without proper testing of every expectations and requirements then some applications stuck. These kinds of mysteries are happening.

If you see last Oracle versions then you can easily note that, Oracle tries to provide best new features in Recovery Manager Tool called RMAN. In Oracle 10g, Automatic Storage Management ASM was introduced. Grid technology considered in Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. But if you see, day by day Oracle offers some excellent new features of RMAN in every new version. Oracle RAC and ASM are having high demand then obviously new features would be introduced. Off course, some wonderful and excellent new features are available with new version of Oracle database like Oracle database 12c. Following are most exclusive new features of Oracle database 12c.

Some of Nice New Oracle 12c Features::

Following are important nice new features for database administrators.

  • Pluggable Database
  • Online Data file Movement
  • Online Table Partition Movement
  • DDL Logging
  • Temporary UNDO for Temporary Tablespace
  • RMAN Table level Recovery
  • RMAN SQL Command Execution
  • SQL Enhancement
  • PGA Sizing Limitation
  • Pre Upgrade fixes enhancement
  • Disable Archive Log in Data Pump
  • Concurrent Database Statistics Generation
  • Flex Cluster Supported for Oracle RAC Architecture
  • Flex architecture and Disk Scrubbing Support to Oracle ASM

Above are best Oracle database 12c new features. We seen lots of scenarios, very few people and companies are successfully using these kinds of features after upgrading database from prior release. Indeed, every one doesn't require using all of new options. Recently we upgraded 6 biggest data warehousing databases of our UK clients. Still we didn't get any issue after upgrading databases. Stability is Oracle's main feature of every version. Oracle provides all options in new database releases with fixing old bugs, but what about new bugs!! There is no software and RDBMS available without bugs and security black holes.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

People are using new SQL characteristics like TRUNCATE TABLE CASCADE option, or execution of SQL query using TOP-N option like FETCH FIRST N ROWS ON. These kinds of options can use in daily database operations and in routine PL/SQL procedures.

Disaster recovery attributes like table level recovery, data file restoration through network are using very rarely because those features are only being used during recovery incident. Online data file movement or table partition management can be used any time. Due to this reason, every attribute or feature doesn't be tested properly after upgrading database.

Some of good new features introduced in Active data Guard and RMAN backup recovery like table level recovery is available in Oracle 12c. You need to test everything before going to plan of upgrade your existing production database. Without testing every application, performance, your backup plans; don't go ahead otherwise you would get some mysterious issues after upgrade your production Oracle server. Better plan create test database server and execute all application with proper data load.

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