Oracle RAC Performance Tuning event

oracle rac tuning

Excellent event organized in Singapore for Oracle RAC Performance Tuning issues and workaround. During this mega event, lots of senior managers, IT management, directors participated.

Event was organized by Dbametrix Solutions and most senior expert Gitesh Trivedi, Mahesh Patel, Thomas Smith, Venkentesh S, Gaurang Vaidhya, were involved in this event. Especially, Gitesh Trivedi was major attraction of people because he explained every performance issues and resolutions very acutely. Mr.Gitesh Trivedi discussed participants' issues of performance of Oracle RAC and provides suggestions with recommendations.

RAC Performance Monitoring:

Various discussions were held for Global cache performance metrics using following wait events of Oracle RAC sever.

  • global cache busy
  • buffer busy global cache
  • buffer busy global cr
  • gc current block 2-way
  • gc current block 3-way
  • gc cr block 2-way
  • gc cr block 3-way
  • gc current block receive time
  • gc current blocks received
  • global cache converts
  • global cache convert time
  • global cache blocks lost

Discussion held using number of examples and incident reports for performance analysis and detail investigation study testimonies for tuning or cluster specific solutions, database related solutions and application specific solutions.

Investigation and Resolutions:

Mr. S. Venkatesh provided excellent detailing for "global cache null to s" and "global cache cr request" which are RAC specific wait events for tuning metrics.

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