The Response Time Delay By Remote DBAs Should Be As Less As Possible

by / March, 2018 / Published in Oracle DBA Tips

One of the requirements of hiring and outsourcing DBAs to remote companies where 100s of employees take care of client requests day and night is the response time. Any delay in a response time leads to accumulation of few more in that period. And, the first condition of outsourcing the database jobs to developing countries with cheaper labor is to reduce the costs of maintaining these databases and their uptime. Whenever a server is up and running it adds to cost. This cost is payable by the client whose job is scheduled on that server. Even if you have your own server, you have to pay the costs of installation and maintenance and serving the clients' requests.

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Thus, delay in response time can result in serious grievances to the client whose jobs were running and to the end-user who use their services. One example could be the rage caused by Tweeter users when they suffered a slight outage last year for some hours. This can be catastrophic for many businesses and others. In many cases such as instant messaging, social media, databases have to be running all the time. And, in order to keep them that way the companies hire bigger firms who employ 1000s of employees to take and monitor the requests a day in and day out. They do this all the times during the day. This requires a huge workforce and this is the reason why cheap per capita payment is preferred. This is only possible in developing countries.

Why is a minimum delay in response time necessary?

It is known that clients mail issues and raise tickets if something goes wrong. And, as a database administrator it is your responsibility to understand and figure out the issue, the issues may be very small like a restart of the machine or the database snippet broke down and so on. Sometimes, the issues can be really overwhelming as well. But, the bigger chunks are small tasks and they need to be solved as quickly as possible. These requests have a priority level attached to them, and as soon as they come they need to be responded quickly. Thus, the emails should be monitored by remote DBA all the time during their shift and replying back to emails as quickly as possible.

This helps reduce the response time as much as possible. It does not mean that emails marked with lower priority can be responded at a later time. However, when competing emails are received, the DBA can choose to go with the high priority and urgent requests first, then the normal ones.

How to maintain the response time?

The result of the above steps by minimizing the delay in replying to emails is a systematic response time. They are needed to maintain a response time of as low as possible too. Some offer a response time of an hour, while others may offer a time of 30 minutes. This difference matters a lot of companies.

This also requires experts and certified professionals to monitor these requests so that they are able to solve as many as possible without minimal supervision. This is another important aspect of maintaining the response time. This shall add up the time and cost to the client, as mentioned above or even other catastrophic outcomes. All these can be mitigated with trained professionals. One of these reasons is that all big players usually announce Oracle certifications, as of now for the 12c, so that their remote DBAs are upgraded and their databases are up to date.

Don’t wait for your SLA response time and give proper response to every issue of client is the better option for remote DBA support provider.

How can we say excellent support?

The remote support provider company provides faster response for our issue and quicker resolution without wasting time. Every database issue is most important which can harm our day to day activities. Only database down or database crash is not just high severity issues but every issue which can break daily database operations is having priority. A remote DBA expert team should provide the response at a minimum wasting time. Sometimes small issues could become the greater issue because not resolve in a timely manner. Due to these reasons, response time plays the very big game in remote DBA support industries.

In Short:

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