Features of our Database Services and Remote DBA Services

database services

Dbametrix, the largest Oracle DBA support provider, is a name with a vast experience in the field of Remote Oracle DBA support and Remote Oracle DBA services provider. Dbametrix has countless excellence on its credit. There are lots of features as following.

Our remote dba experts are monitoring your databases round the clock for performing proactive dba tasks to ensure all database operations are running smoothly and eliminate critical issues and downtime.

Dbametrix - Basic Features:

  • Maximum Availability
  • Excellent Performance
  • Extreme Security
  • Remote Database Monitoring
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support
  • Remote Database Services
  • Remote DBA Services
  • Single incident support
  • Expert Oracle Remote DBA Support

Dbametrix - Salient Features:

  • High Availability
  • Provision of offshore Oracle DBA support and database services.
  • Highly qualified, well trained and experienced staff.
  • Cost effective support plans offering competitive rates.
  • Remote management of database tasks, both offshore and onsite.
  • Provision of guidance to your Oracle DBA and database services.
  • Provision of consultation services regarding our Oracle software.
  • Excellent proactive DBA tasks.
  • Decrease complexity and confusion by providing guidance and consultation regarding Oracle License using smart computing.

We are offering excellent Remote Oracle Database Administration Services

Dbametrix is expert remote DBA team and offers low cost remote dba plan with exclusive features

Our Capabilities:

Dbametrix is capable of handling every type of Oracle Database project and providing remote database services. The company has the capability of managing small to large projects with efficiency and excellence. Using remote connection, the company is capable of solving your database problem right at your place and providing excellent database services. Every issue and problem being faced by any organization in any Oracle based program can be very easily resolved within shortest possible time and lowest possible rate.

Our high experience & expert staff enables us to provide you separate professional Oracle DBA for your project. Moreover, it also allows the company to provide full Oracle database services for each module as well as remote DBA services.

The company also provides short term support, i.e. resolving single incident issues and providing on the spot support for any problem related to troubleshooting, security, tuning, recovery or development etc.

Support being Offered by Dbametrix:

We are offering wide range of Oracle DBA support like DBA outsourcing, Oracle Apps DBA support, Oracle RAC DBA support, Oracle consulting, database monitoring and remote DBA assistance.

Why Dbametrix is Best?


Professional, Certified, Trained and high experienced DBA Team! Monitored and audited by Seniors.


Absolutely cost effective solution. You don't need to proceed costly hiring emplyoee based tradition.


Our teams are working 24x7x365 round the clock. Every team is being monitored by level 1 Oracle DBA.


We provide proactive DBA tasks. Every issue will be addressed quickly and resolved instantly.

What Makes Us Best?

Expert Remote DBA Team

expert remote dba

Dbametrix is known as the best DBA support organization dealing in Oracle based program support, remote services and database services. There are several reasons which make it the best support service providing best remote DBA services.

Our staff consists of highly qualified and learned professionals. They are selected for the job on merit therefore; they provide their best to solve your problems.

Every database administrators are certified and they are getting regular training from our company to improve their skill. Every remote dba team is monitored by high experienced L1 level expert and this expert is reporting to senior level management

Cost Effective Remote DBA Plans

low cost

Carrying out a bird eye view survey of the market will reveal that there are several companies providing Oracle DBA support. They are charging too much of service charges from their customers, however Dbametrix is much lower in the cost as compared to its other counterparts in the market.

Periodically, Our sales team investigates and analysis rates and also keep on eye on our competitor for obtaining market rates and after analysis those rates they are offering lowest quotes to our clients.

We are offering lowest rates remote dba plans to our customers and there is no hidden charges on our rates. We are providing best competitative rates to our every client with full features. The organization has a vast experience in the field. Even it has performed commendably well in critical data recoveries of various big organizations.

Strong Senior Level Management


CEO of Dbametrix is having 16+ years experience in Oracle database administration and he is certified Oracle DBA in Oracle 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, including Oracle RAC expert. Due to his vast experience in support industry he is very keen to manage teams for providing full satisfaction to client.

Dbametrix has excellent senior level management for offering accurate deliverables and maintain proper service level agreement. Every remote DBA team is being audited by seniors and reported to higher management. Due to excellent team work, Dbametrix has ability to give 100% satisfaction to customer.

Expert remote dba team is able to provide quick issue resolution and strong response time to address every database issue.

We are working 24x7x365


Customer care and support is always the top priority of Dbametrix. We provide 24 hours customer support with prompt response and efficient resolving of the problem.

We are offering 24x7x365 unbreakable support. Work and support quality is never compromised. We provide 100% quality of work, support and service. All these things are done keeping your database secure. Security of data is a major issue, which we have addressed and give one hundred percent surety of data security.

Our commitment to our client is full satisfaction of services with following salient features...

Expert DBA Support + High quality + High Availability + High Security + Low Cost + Maximum benefits = Dbametrix's Remote DBA Support

Proactive and Reactive DBA Tasks

proactive dba

For running every database operations smoothly, database should need to be monitored by experts for finding contention tread. If we are working proactively then we can eliminate so many future issues. It saves our time, downtime, and money.

Our team remotely monitoring every database daily and investigating logs, database trend, data growth, contentions, performance impact and send report to higher authority. Higher authority examines data and capture findings for future forecasting of capacity management, performance bottleneck, security vulnerability and disaster management strategy planning.

Every problem has its own solution; every customer has his own problems. Therefore our troubleshooting services are customizable and can be converted as per your requirements and needs thus providing you a piece of mind while resolving an issue.

Work and support quality is never compromised. We provide 100% quality of work, support and service. All these things are done keeping your database secure. Security of data is a major issue, which we have addressed and give one hundred percent surety of data security.

Client's Benefit to the Max:

We believe in the principle of maximum benefit to the client. Dbametrix offers optimum level of devotion and enthusiasm towards work thus satisfies our customer. The organization is an excellent blend of quality, quantity, punctuality, loyalty, sincerity and security. All these things are provided to you within lowest possible cost. Dbametrix does not want to be a burden on your pocket; rather it wants to be a helping hand. Resolving your issues is the main goal and starting from the chief executive of the company, down till worker's level, everyone strives hard to achieve customer's satisfaction by providing excellent database services and remote dba services.

Dbametrix offers OUTSTANDING remote Oracle DBA support services

Expert remote dba team of Dbametrix provides excellent remote Oracle database administration with low cost remote dba. Our teams have wonderful skill of performance tuning using smart computing, deployment of strong disaster recovery to provide ZERO data loss and quick issue resolution with minimum response time.

Strong team work always gives excellent result and deliverables