Sql Server, Server 2008 r2 Version Features

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Manage your data anywhere, anytime SQL Server 2008 in Microsoft's data platform to publish, to help your organization manage any data anywhere, anytime.

In server 2008, it can be structured, semi structured and unstructured data in documents (such as images and music) stored directly into the database in the SQL Server 2008 r2 provides a rich set of integrated services; you can query the data, search, synchronization, reporting and analysis of the type of operation.

In server 2008, Data can be stored in a variety of devices, from the largest data center server to the desktop has always been computers and mobile devices, you can control the data do not control where data is stored in ms sql.

SQL Server 2008 allows you to use the Microsoft. NET and Visual Studio development of custom applications using data, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and through Microsoft BizTalk Server business process carried out by the use of the data. In short we can say that server 2008 r2 is application friendly.

SQL server database services is becoming more difficult because of lot of new features have been added in Server 2008. Dbametrix is offering excellent SQL services with strong SLA basis.Dbametrix also offers low cost database administration support.

Server 2008 has extra ordinary Data Mining Features, that you can create or build multiple data mining models in single structure and you can analysis and query too in same structure. Data mining is easily available to download for testing.

SQL Server 2008 to provide a credible, efficient and intelligent data platform that can meet all your data needs. SQL Server 2008's and 2008 r2's new features Click to enlarge trusted SQL Server for your business-critical applications that provide the highest level of security, reliability and scalability.

The advantage of server 2008 is including: using both range and fuzzy search to search encrypted data from unauthorized users to search secure data, you can not change the case of existing applications for data encryption.

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SQL Server 2008 by supporting third-party key management and HSM products provide an excellent solution to meet the growing demand. Create and manage auditing via DDL auditing at the same time by providing more comprehensive data auditing to simplify compliance.

Means in server 2008, it allows the organization to answer common questions, such as "what data to retrieve?"

Nice feature of server 2008 is Log Stream Compression Database mirroring requires the participation of the mirror to achieve data transfer between. Use SQL Server 2008, the output among the parties involved to provide the best performance of the log stream compression, and minimize network bandwidth used by database mirroring.

Predictable query performance through the provision of support for higher query plan to lock your query performance stability and predictability that allows organizations to replace the hardware, server, server upgrade and to promote stability between the production deployment of the query plan in server 2008.

Oracle also introduced data compression in Oracle 11g and here in Server 2008, Data compression is to store data more efficiently, and reduce data storage requirements. Data compression is also for large I / O boundary of workload (such as data warehouses) to provide significant performance improvements. Hot Add CPU allows CPU resources to support the hardware platform to SQL Server 2008, to dynamically adjust the size of the database without forcing the application downtime.

Note that, SQL Server has support online add memory resources. SQL Server 2008 reduced application management and development time and costs.

In accordance with the policy management Policy-Based Management Policy-Based Management is a policy-based system for managing SQL Server 2008, one or more instances. It with the SQL Server Management Studio used to create the management server entity (such as the SQL Server instance, database and other SQL Server objects) strategy.

In order to check the administrator of operational performance, SQL Server 2008 contain more detailed performance data collection for storing performance data of a new centralized data warehouse, as well as for reporting and monitoring of the new tools.

This new type will be realized as a CLR UDT, will expose several efficient and useful built-in methods, using a flexible programming model for creating and manipulating a hierarchy node in server 2008 r2. FILESTREAM Data Allow large binary data is stored directly in the NTFS file system, while retaining the major part of the database and maintaining transactional consistency.

Allow the expansion of the traditional database-management of large binary data can be stored in the database more cost-effective external storage device and no disclosure risk. Microsoft Office Integration SQL Server 2008 provides new Word rendering that allows users to directly use Microsoft Office Word report. Moreover, for Office 2007, Server 2008 r2 Data Mining new features provided in the annex to the organization on the desktop for each user can get more actionable insights.

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