Important of DBA Role in Present Market

Here is detail explanation and description of DBA role.

dba role

What is the role of DBA?

This question raises in everybody's mind. This article explains role of DBA in I.T industry. To understand role of Database Administrator, first we should need to understand what is database.

What is Data?

There are lot of various definition find out for data. But simply we can say that data means any information of company. It can be sales details, purchase details, accounting information etc. In short data means any kind of details of company's any departments, personal, website, emails etc.

What is Database?

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Database consists of various and different kind of data. Hence, database is collection of data. Database can be large due to data. Data and database are equally important and difficult to manage. When database is becoming large and accessible by global users for 24/7. It becomes more difficult to manage in all levels.

What is DBA?

Database Administrator administrates database. DBA manages database. Database contains may be high sensitive data then it should need to secure. DBA protects database. DBA tunes database for retrieving data faster. DBA backs up database and ensures to any damages. DBA maintain high availability of database. DBA is responsible for deploying new features and upgrading.

Above explanation is enough for understanding DBA role in present I.T market. Database Administration is important for every database. Can we imagine without database how company survives? Where anyone stores data? If answer is in flat file, then how can retrieve data faster after insert millions of records. Means database is most important playing role in present market.

Database needs database administration. Database Administrator DBA performs this task. In short we can say that DBA role is most significant in present market. All important tasks are carried out by Database Administrator.

Which type of DBA role available?

Various DBA roles are available. DBA role depends on characteristic of industry. Generally following DBA roles are available.

Production DBA:

Production DBA is responsible to maintain and manage production database. Production database is always online or live. This is critical Database Administration role and most important because any single mistake will be result in major damages.

Application DBA:

Application DBA is responsible to development of application. Application database is related with application testing, developing and optimizing. Application DBA should need to understand application logic and requirement.

Development DBA:

Development DBA is same as Application DBA but responsibility may be deferred. Responsibility of Development DBA is not limited. But role is equivalent as Application DBA. But if DBA is onsite then he may be act as Development DBA and if DBA is offshore then he may be act as Application DBA.


This is pure testing and developing area of DBA. Sometimes production DBA can be playing this role. This is in house development and testing area. Production database is protected by UAT. UAT database stands as Under Application Testing database. UAT DBA clones UAT database from production database and managing UAT database like production database. For testing purpose UAT database and Production database are same because UAT is created using production database.

Data Warehouse DBA:

Data Warehousing DBA maintain data warehouse database of company. This database is different than production database. Data Warehousing DBA should need to understand business intelligence.

Marketing DBA:

DBA skill needs to sale out software to vendors. To convince customer in technical point of view marketing team requires DBA help. Marketing DBA tries to satisfy each technical queries of customer and help marketing team. There is no database administration and maintenance directly involve in this DBA role.

APPS DBA & SAP Basis Administrator:

This is typical type of DBA role. APPS DBA maintains Database as well as Oracle ERP. SAP Basis Administrator manages Database as well as SAP ERP. Both are DBA roles and both have different important responsibilities.

Oracle Cloud DBA:

This is typical type of DBA role. It is absolutely newly introduced. Oracle offers DBaaS (Database As A Service) service and database administrator can perform so many activities like migration,upgrade,patching,backup,tuning etc. You can find out more detail from Importance of DBA in Oracle Cloud DBaaS article.

Importance of DBA roles:

In above all roles are important in present market because every role has different characteristic in own field. Every DBA role is significant in every field. Importance of Data is very important. When we store all data in one central unit (database). Importance of database is highly increasing. Database needs Database Administration. DBA manages, administrators, backs up, secures, maintains database. In short all database related tasks are performed by DBA. Due to this reason DBA role is very important in present market.

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